Destination as a Life Experience

After 25 years of traveling, I have reached the Final 50 countries. My goal is to learn and continue to grow by traveling to these less touristy and often misunderstood and overlooked destinations.

Using the 3E Lens, I will engage my mind, challenge my body, and nourish my soul on these journeys. Doing so will maximize the experience in each country, create lasting memories, and ultimately shape who I am. Indeed, I truly believe in the Final50 mission to:

Travel with the Intention of Making the Destination a Life Experience.

A Journey Within
What's your final50

No matter what your destination, just be sure to make every journey, a journey within. If you travel within, you’ll travel the whole wide world and beyond ~The Forty Rules of Love 

More than just a number and a destination, Final50 is a journey within. An ambition to overcome insurmountable odds and embrace the unknown while making the process of achieving the personal goal an unforgettable life learning experience.  

My Final50 has been to overcome the initial barriers to travel by choosing a career and life path that has allowed me to see the world and grow in the process. This growth has helped me become more compassionate and resilient thereby preparing me to take on more challenges, more personal goals, and more life-changing experiences. 

So tell me, health, fitness, academics, professional, travel, sports … What’s YOUR Final50 journey?